jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


A former volunteer firefighter is planning to fight fires again — by starting his own company.
"People are building more and more houses" in rural areas while public firefighting agencies are reducing staff, he said.
His new company, Golden Valley Fire Suppression, plans to hire trained firefighters and station trucks in areas where it signs up customers — usually closer than public firefighters. The company is already selling foam systems; it expects to begin firefighting services in the first half of July.
He expects to hire a staff of more than 100 within 12 months, with similar operations to start in Las Vegas and Tucson, Ariz., soon after. "Our three-year plan is to be in 20 states, and in 30 states in five years," Shephard said.
The firefighting service sells for $30,000 for a long as the customer owns the home, but Shephard said it's a small price to pay to protect a home worth
$2 million or more. "We will place units within three-to five-minute response time,"

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Property owners will pay for protection
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