martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Firefighting application process COST

Here’s a breakdown of what applicants paid in the Halifax regional fire service’s latest recruitment process.
•711 paid $20 to apply (total of $14,220)
•540 paid $50 for aptitude test ($27,000)
•415 paid $125 for integrity interview ($51,875)
•303 paid $250 for physical agility test ($75,750)
•180 paid $350 for polygraph ($63,000)
•Total paid is $231,845
Source: Halifax regional fire service

Interesting article:
Firefighting applicant feels burned
Testing cost Halifax man $800; fire service says it doesn’t make profit
By DAN ARSENAULT Staff Reporter

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008

A private firefighting company... in trouble?

There are many householders that have contracted the private firefighting services or protection that AIG Private Client Group offered, what will happend to them???

This is an interesting article, published at Bloomberg, by Jeff Plungis

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- In the event of an American International Group Inc. bankruptcy, life-insurance policyholders would be guaranteed at least $100,000 in cash value and $300,000 in death benefits under a system of state-run groups set up to protect consumers.
About 100 insurers have been declared insolvent since 1991, none as large as New York-based AIG. Every state, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia has had a guaranty association in place since the last major industry crisis led to the failures of Executive Life Insurance Co. in 1991 and Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. in 1993.

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New Domains related with Private Firefighting

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